The Future of IT: Questions, Challenges, and Expectations

Announcing the Keynote for Codecamp Timisoara 2018

Posted by Ciprian on October 02, 2018

I'm truly honored to be for the second year in a row the keynote speaker this Saturday, October 6th, at Codecamp Timisoara 2018.

It’s probably one of the most interesting times to be in this industry since its very beginning. We’re witnessing a period where significant advancements in computing power, data storage, and complex patterns of information handling are building up towards a critical mass that will bring rather sooner than later a major technological leap for mankind.

In the same time, the dawn of the post-classical computing era is already showing on the horizon. Quantum computing is challenging almost everything we know about computing and holds the promise to support giant leaps in the way we understand nature.

Despite the awesome momentum, we (as an industry) are still facing significant challenges starting with the very way we develop and apply computer technology and ending with producing enough professionals to fill the skyrocketing needs at a global level.

Join me in this keynote session for an attempt to take an objective look at where we are right now, and which are the directions we’re heading to.