Things are about to become more entangled

What if a Quantum Computing aficionado with expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning talked to a security expert interested in how Quantum Computing already impacts the world?

Posted by Ciprian on February 05, 2021

We're in the dawn of a new era in computing – Quantum Computing (QC), an approach based on the very spectacular and strange behavior of matter and energy governed by the laws of quantum physics. This fantastic new direction promises the much-needed support for significant advancements in critical areas like nitrogen fixation, carbon capture, materials science, and machine learning, to name just a few. A lot is going on right now in QC, and some of the largest IT players invest vast amounts of energy and money.

Yet, it's not all straightforward and simple, and the promises are by no means certainties. Au contraire, the challenges posed by QC are monumental. They range from the physical building of quantum computers to designing wholly new and ground-breaking algorithms. The strange and counterintuitive behavior of quantum physics dramatically impacts the new kind of logic that we need to develop to program quantum computers.

Patrick and I, we've known each other for a long time, and we've always enjoyed our long conversations on the future directions of technology. Lately, almost every time, these discussions ended up revolving around QC topics. It didn't take too long to ask ourselves, "what if a Quantum Computing aficionado with AI and ML expertise (read Ciprian) talked to a security expert interested in how Quantum Computing already impacts the world (read Patrick)?". And what if these discussions would e publicly shared to allow others to join our foray into QC? In a few short months, that question materialized into

I an few days, we're going to welcome you to the strange and fascinating world of Quantum Computing with Patrick and Ciprian. Stay tuned and enjoy the ride!